Skin Brightening Mask From Aroma Essentials

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Hello Beautiful Ladies…!!!

I would like to thank Madurima for sending this product for review. This product is definitely a show stealer of all the products of Aroma Essentials.

Many of us are suffering from Pigmentation and Tan problems. Skin Brightening Mask from Aroma essentials is definitely the solution for all those skin issues which occur due to exposure to sun light and UV rays.


Skin Brightening mask mainly focus on people with skin darkening because of Tan and Pigmentation which is due to sun exposure. It comes in a tub in two sizes i.e. in 20 grams and 35 grams pricing Rs:150 and Rs:300 respectively. Initially I was skeptical about the product quantity but after using it I cam to know that a very small quantity is need for one single use and 20grams tub would last you for 5-6 brightening mask


The ingredients list contains grapefruit essentials oils, Kaolin clay and Zinc. These might sound chemicals to you dear friends but no, they are absolutely natural ingredients. Grapefruit essential oil helps in fighting oxidents and toxins because it is rich in antioxidants, helps eradicating premature aging, degeneration of tissues, also works as disinfectant from skin infections, helps in treating oily acne prone skin, also feels refreshing. Koalin helps in cleansing skin, nourishing, soothing different skin types, detoxifying skin, removing dead skin. Zinc helps in healing skin of any marks, wounds, acne scars etc, rejuvenates the skin.


The product is in light pink in color, small pea size amount is sufficient for entire face. Mix pea size amount of product with 1 spoon water/rose water. Apply the mixture to entire face, you can notice tingling sensation on the skin but its just fine. Don’t let the pack sit on your face for more than 5-8 mins, wash your face with cold water, if you find it difficult in removing the traces of pack wash it with any mild face wash( or orange splash face wash from aroma essentials). The tingling sensation will subdue in few seconds after you wash your face. I have seen difference in my skin soon after washing my face, it has been 48 hrs since I have used the pack and I see no side effects, it gave a healthy glow to my skin. I can see that Tan has reduced and 3-4 times usage would help in eliminating pigmentation upto noticable extent. It also helps in reducing pigmentation scars. It is good for normal to oily skin people and you have to  moisturise really well after washing the pack.

STORAGE: As these are made of natural ingredients, please store them in refrigirator. The product shelf life is 6 months.


  • Tan and Pigmentation reduction
  • Soothing effect
  • Reduces acne scars
  • Rich in antioxidents & disinfectants
  • Anti-aging
  • Detoxifying
  • Healing
  • Cleansing & Nourishing


  • None


Note: If you have an active acne/pimple avoid using this mask on that area.

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9 thoughts on “Skin Brightening Mask From Aroma Essentials

  1. This mask looks just perfect for my sensitive skin. I love natural products too. It looks quite reasonably priced too. Nice post Keerthi!


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