Body Detoxification & Detox Water

Detox and loosing weight related concepts

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Detoxification is cleansing and nourishing the body from inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins and then provide nutrients, proteins. It helps in protecting from diseases and increasing the immunity. This also rejuvenates your skin, improves digestive system and reduces body ache. Here is my regime to cleanse my system.


Detoxification cleans the blood in the Liver, removes impurities. Liver is the place where elimination of toxins takes place. These toxins are eliminated through kidneys, skin, lymph, intestines and lungs. If these toxins are not eliminated properly it can cause adverse effects to our body.


You have to drink 1 litre of water for every 20 kgs of your body weight. For ex: If your weight is 60 kgs you have to drink 3 ltrs of water per day and green teas does not count in them. Drinking water helps in reducing water weight of the body and also helps breaking the fat molecules into small cells. So, when your body does work out you can easily reduce the body fat.

In order to let detoxification process work better and successfully, you must quit alcohol, smoking, saturated fats and sugars etc.



  • Drinking water
  • Detox drinks
  • Green tea
  • Eating fiber rich food
  • Vitamin C enriched juices or fruits
  • Sauna bath
  • Breathing exercises
  • Walking and other work outs
  • Yoga

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It also helps in energy boost, so drink detox water before you go for a work out. As detox drinks contains vitamin C, it also helps in increasing the resistance power and immunity in the body. They also make our skin plump and healthy, reduces hair damage and split ends and also makes your body feel lighter.

  • Night before you go to sleep, add cilantro, 1 lemon squeeze, 1 inch Ginger stem, 1 cucumber sliced into 1 litre of water and leave it to rest for whole night. Early morning drink this detox water.
  • 1 spoon raw honey and ½ squeezed lemon in Luke warm water.
  • Pomegranate and Pineapple juice. These two ingredients have acids that help in digestion of food and also balance out the sweetness.
  • Oranges and lemon detox water is good for eliminating free radicals and ulcers, oranges contain vitamin C which helps in reducing cravings for food.
  • Water melon juice is rich in anti-oxidants and amino acids which help as anti-inflammation, blood flow and also people who are facing troubles losing weight.
  • Detox drink using Apple cider vinegar: Add 10-15ml of ACV, ½ lemon squeeze, ½ tbsp. Cinnamon, half apple, 2 tbsp. raw honey and blend this in a blender by adding 400ml water. This helps a lot for people who have been trying so hard and still the weight loss is very slow, because this boots up your metabolism. Do not drink more quantities of this as it might cause stomach burn if consumed excess.
  • Flax Seeds: You can find flax seeds in any store, just roast them without adding anything to them. Grind them to powder, you can refrigerate for about 1 month. Add this powder to water / butter milk / detox water / milk shakes / cakes / phulka dough. I prefer to add a spoon of it to a glass of butter milk and to phulka dough. Flax seeds are rich in good fats which are essential for body, rich fiber, rich lignans which contain high anti-oxidants that prevent heart diseases.
  • Aloe Vera drink: Add fresh Aloe Vera gel 2-3 spoons, ½ lemon squeeze and 250-300 ml of water and blend it in a blender. It helps clean your digestive system and also helps in weight loss.

cup and teapot


Green tea does help in weight loss but you do not lose weight with just drinking green tea. You have to work out as well. Green tea Helps in Boosting up your metabolism, and when you have high metabolism you burn more fat and you lose more weight. This is the entire reason behind green tea weight loss. For beginners you can have green tea 2-3 times a day: early morning, post 1 hr after lunch and post 1 hr after dinner. This way it speeds up your digestion and metabolism. Green tea also helps in flushing out synthetic chemicals from the body. It also helps in getting rid of free radicals, gives you high energy levels. Green tea also improves brain functioning and makes you smarter.


It’s the same tea leaves, but green tea is unfermented, oolong is partially fermented and black tea is fully fermented. You should start using oolong tea after 2-3 months after you have started taking green tea. This does not taste so delicious but you have to bear with it. Do not start away oolong tea without prior experience of green tea. It is double stronger than green tea, your digestive system panics if you jump straight to oolong tea. This helps burn more fat. It’s good for skin as well as hair. Start with 1-2 cups in the beginning, if you have any side effects like vomiting, headaches, irritable bowel movement then stop using it. Overall this product aids in healthy weight loss and maintenance.

I drink 1 litre detox water early morning, 1 litre thin butter milk with skimmed milk curd throughout the day. And throughout the day I drink 3 more litres of water. Sometimes I do not feel like drinking plain water so I add lemon and cucumber to the water and drink.

I keep switching oolong and green tea alternatively every month so that my body doesn’t get used to any of the both.


** Pregnant ladies and heart attack / coronary disease patients please consult your doctor before you follow any of the above products. I am not a health expert, these worked fine for me and these might not work the same for you as well. Aloe Vera and oolong tea are strict no for pregnant ladies, rest other ingredients also I am not sure, so definitely confirm with your gynecologist.

** People with any allergies and health issues also consult your doctor before you consume any of the products.

**Initially when you lose weight fast after starting the detoxification, it’s the body’s water weight that you are losing. And when you follow a strict regime for your food intake, this diet plan you have design my making a calorie deficit. This calorie deficit will in turn use the body fat cells and glucose to gain energy, and that’s how you lose your fat from the body.

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