Hello Friends,

Everyone wish to have a soft, supple, clear, healthy and youthful skin. And we have to eat healthy to show that glow on the skin. In order to do so, we must know what are the most essential foods to maintain our skin healthier and plump.

Our skin requires:

  • Antioxidants: They help in repairing sun damage, reduction in appearance of wrinkles, scars, anti-inflammation and skin firming. Green Tea, purple/black grapes, blueberries, dry fruits, green leafy vegetables, Fish (Salmon & Tuna) are rich in antioxidants. So we have to add these to our daily food routine.
  • Vitamin A: Targets on wrinkles, dark spots and on skin roughness. Carrots, dried Apricots, Dark leafy vegetables, Lettuce, Tuna fish, Bell Peppers, Melons and Mango are rich in Vitamin A.


  • Vitamin B3: This helps in hydrating skin, reduces redness and irritation, good for dry and sensitive skin. Chicken or Turkey Breast, Roasted Peanuts, Lamb Liver, Mushrooms, green peas, Avocado are enriched with B3 vitamins.


  • Vitamin C: This is an all-rounder it keeps your face fresh, dries up active pimples/acne, Anti-ageing, skin sagging, fine lines and discoloration. Guava, Kiwi fruit, Broccoli, Yellow bell peppers, Strawberries, oranges, Tomato, papaya and peas contain vitamin C.


  • Vitamin E: This helps retain moisture, removes dryness and patchiness, protects against UV rays, swollen face. Fish, Shrimps, Avocado, Almonds, kiwi, Pumpkin, olive oil and Broccoli are rich in vitamin E


  • Vitamin K: For under eye wrinkles, puffy eyes, younger & brighter eyes, reduces melanin production. Basil, scallions, spring onions, cabbage, sprouts, Okra, Asparagus, Soy beans and cucumber contain vitamin K.


  • Vitamin B12: This works amazing for Hair, skin cells repairing, acne, redness and blemishes. Flax seeds, Mussels, Oysters, oats, Fish, eggs, crab, Tofu, cereals, Milk, Cheese have vitamin B12.


In order to flush out toxins from our skin we have to work out daily, drink at least 3-5 ltrs of water, use sunscreen all the time even if you are at home,  following a strict CTM, exfoliating your skin gently.

So friends, let’s eat healthy and stay healthy…!!!

Hope you all find this piece of information useful…J

Stay Tuned…!!!


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