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Here I am again to review a products from Aroma Essentials. For those who don’t know about Aroma essentials products let me tell you, they are handmade natural products which do not contain any parabens, sulphates, chemical or artificial fragrances. All the fragrances are derived from natural essential oils. The brand is based from Bangalore but they ship the products to various places in India and overseas as well.

I have been liking handmade skin care products lately and this product is their signature product which never had any negative reviews. The product I am going to review are “Eye Corrector” & ” Eye Pillows ” from Aroma essentials.

I do not have dark circles but my eyes become puffy in the morning, I used to apply aloe vera ice cubes in the morning for my puffiness. My mom has dark circles and she is in her mid-forties. So, I thought we both should try it together.


Product Details:

The product is gel based and it is made of saffron, vitamins A, B, B2, C & curd water, lavender. It lightens the darkness, pigmentation. Saffron contains potassium which helps in cell repair and formation and also gives radiant glow to the skin. The product comes in a small tub with a twist open screw cap. The packaging is intact and there is no spillage of product. The product inside is 15 ml for Rs.150/-.  The product is yellowish orange in color and the fragrance reminds me of a spa.


The eye pillows contain oats and tea. The price is Rs.350/- for 10 eye pillows.


You just have to take 1 drop of the product and massage it under your eyes 3 times in clock wise direction and in anti-clock wise direction. This massaging helps in flow of blood circulation in the under eye area. Use your ring finger to massage your eyes and massage really gently because our eye area is a very sensitive region. The product sinks into the skin so easily, so any skin type people can use it. Use the product twice daily and this tub lasts for a month.

Eye pillows you can boil them and after they cool down completely and place them on your eyes and rest for 15-20 mins. These are best for people corporates and for peoples who are stressed out through out the day. You can store these pillows in refrigerator for 1 week and use them twice daily. OR you can boil all the ingredients of the eye pillow and let it cool down, strain the water into a beaker and dip cotton roundels into that strained water and place those roundels on ur eyes. You can store this solution in refrigerator for 1 week.

My Experience with the Product:

My main motive of using the product was for my puffiness and on my first day use only I had results regarding puffy eyes. I have applied it after shower and in the night before going to sleep, the next morning I work up with no puffed eyes. I had to use aloe vera gel every day and that day I woke with no puffy eyes so, I stopped using aloe vera.  And my mom has seen results after 8-10 days, her dark circles have reduced and there was a glow in her eyes. It has been 20 days since she started using the product and her dark circles have reduced up to 50% and she is very satisfied with the product. It also hydrates the skin from within. We both are definitely going to repurchase this product.

As it is a gel based product, it is not heavy on the skin. So, you can use without any difficulty even in the morning. Apply the product, massage and leave it for 5 mins and you can continue with your eye base/eye primer followed by eye makeup without any creasing or melting down of the eye shadows. If you have used any harsh scrub on your face avoid using the product for just 1 day.

* In order to maintain hygiene use a spatula or back of the spoon to extract the product from the tub.

Eye pillows I used cotton roundels and rested them for 15 mins and I felt so relaxed and soothing. Definitely people who are stressed out should try.


As all these products are made of natural ingredients and no preservatives are added they should be stored in a cool temperature (refrigerator). And the product is best for 6 monts from the manufacturing date.


  • Reduces dark circles.
  • Minimizes puffy eyes
  • Has cooling and soothing effect
  • Smells good
  • Travel friendly
  • Just a drop is sufficient for both the eyes
  • Handmade, no chemical


  • None that I could notice.

Rating:  5/5



aroma essentials

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  1. i love ur reviews on aroma essentials products ❤ thank u so much for well explaining 🙂 i would like to share a tip..apply mint leaves paste under eyes weekly thrice to reduce d dark circles 🙂


  2. This is another miracle product from Aroma Essentials! Loved the post Keerthi! I always feel at the end of the day I always have tired eyes & next morning I always have these puffy eyes. I will definitely get one for me & one for my mom too 🙂 Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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