Fab Bag March 2016


Yaaaayyy…!!! My Fab bag has finally arrived and I adore this month’s fabbag.

Those who don’t know about fab bag, it’s a monthly subscription beauty bag, you get 2-3 full size products and couple of sample products which range from makeup, skin care, hair care or fashion accessories depending on that month’s theme and collaboration with the brand.

For further details contact: www.fabbag.com

Write a mail to their customer care and they would be delighted to reply back to you as soon as possible. They have women’s bag and men’s bag and they have 1, 3, 6 & 12 months subscription. 1 month subscription is Rs.599/-. Rest of the deals check out at their website mentioned above.


1. SUGAR Cosmetics It’s A-Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick: The Big Bang Berry shade


It’s a very pretty plum berry shade  and I love plum shades to death. The lipstick is matte formulation with a bit of moisture. And the texture is also good and it glides on easily and the lipstick has beautiful pigmentation.



2. Wella Professionals- Elements Renewing Mask & Shampoo

I have already wella hair products and I love them, and I am looking forward to use them and give you guys a mini review of these 2 duos. These are sulphates and parabens free and claim to be nurturing the scalp and also provides the strength against the breakage. The claims look so tempting isn’t it ??


3. Votre Face serum: I have received this serum in previous fab bags as well and firstly I was skeptical about this serum but its good I have used it for 2 days and I liked it. My mom has been using that bottle and I am looking forward to use this product. The product has essential oils and jojoba oils and that triggered me to use this oil this time. I will use it for a week or 2 and give you guys a detailed review on this product.

Rs.1670 for 12mL of product


4. Nykaa Nail Enamel: Strawberries and cream

I am looking forward to give this product in the next giveaway…Stay Tuned to win this goodie…:) It’s a gorgeous shade and I haven’t opened the seal for you guys to win this baby.

.5. Fashionography earings

Awwww… such a cute earings…! Hearts are my thing. I want to giveaway this as well, but my heart is not allowing me to do so …. What do u say guys…?? Do u want it ?? comment down below if you want it to be a part of the giveaway….


Totally I am so satisfied with this month’s fabbag…Thank you Fabbag…!!!


Do visit their website and check for your self… My favorite in this bag is obviously the Sugar cosmetics lipstick…That baby has my heart…

I liked another shade of lipstick as well so I have placed order for another March fabbag. Even that will arrive very soon and I’ll keep u posted what goodies I have received in that fab bag and the lipstick shade too…I know I am crazy, please bear with my shopaholic madness…:P

Stay Tuned Lovlies for more posts & updates….!

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7 thoughts on “Fab Bag March 2016

  1. awsome review!!! Loved the lip stick shade 🙂 ear ring is damn cute 🙂 u can give any other things for giveaway…u use them 😉


  2. Looking forward for detail review of serum.. and pretty lipcolor..
    Who doesnt love such cute hearts, but If u love thm soo much, keep it wid u kirthyy.. add smethng else to giveaway.. 🙂 🙂


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