Nivea After Shave Balm as PRIMER…???


Yes you heard it right. A men after shave balm has been used by a primer to prime our face by all the YouTube Gurus around the world. First I have heard of this product from Nikkie and then I have seen even Kathleen doing the videos and it got on my nerves and I wanted to try it for sure…!!!



The product comes in a glass bottle with a bottle neck and a plastic sturdy twist cap. The bottle is heavy because it contains a lot of product. I wish it has a pump to take the product out rather than a open bottle neck. But its okay, we can control the product from the bottle. Just be careful, as its glass it will break so keep it in safe place.


Product Details:

The product is white milky in color and runny texture. The main ingredients are water and Glycerin. Its Alcohol free so, its a yaaaay from me. Glycerin in the 2nd main ingredient which has multiple properties like it provides moisture to the skin, acts as a barrier so perfect ingredient as a primer, prevents dryness, makeup stays put for longer hours, does not clog pores so its perfect for oily skin as well. The bottle contains 100 ml of product which is way too much.

Usage and My Experience:

I do not use any moisturiser if I am using this product as my primer because it gives me enought moisture and hydration. And ya my skin in oily in T-Zone and normal in the other areas of my face. You just need a pea size amount of the product for entire face and neck. The product is little cold, smells manly but you don’t smell that way after you have applied on your face and blended, it has gel kind of texture, very light weight, dries quickly, its a tad bit sticky because of glycerin.

The stickiness helps sticking the foundation on to your skin really well. My foundations never glided on my skin so smoothly like that ever with any other primer. I have tried it this product for almost 3 weeks now and I have used it with Mac pro long wear foundation, Loreal infallible, Kryolan Tv paint stick foundation, Loreal magique nude liquid powder foundation and with all of these foundations it worked amazingly well. I am so impressed with this product, it did not break my skin, no drying skin. It holded up my makeup in place without any shinning T-zone for 6 hours straight, after that my nose was bit shiny so I had to apply a bit of pressed powder and then I was all good. This primer helped me giving a flawless, natural look. The maximum I have been wearing this primer was for 10 hrs straight and it looked flawless. This product does not cover larger pores on the skin.

I would recommend this product to every skin types. Dry to normal skin moisturise prior, combination to oily skin no need of moisturiser when your using this baby.


  • Moisturises
  • Hydrates
  • Holds make up for 10 hrs with out fading out
  • Foundation and Concealers glide on super easily
  • Very Inexpensive
  • Smoothens dry patches
  • Skin looks glossy and radiant


  • Does not cover large pores

Price: Rs.235 for 100mL

Available at: Click Here

Rating: 4.5/5

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8 thoughts on “Nivea After Shave Balm as PRIMER…???

  1. This is the only thing of all “primers” I’ve tried that I’ve EVER noticed an actual difference with!…………nice review keerthi


  2. Wow Keerthi, I never knew this one now. What a great tip! An inexpensive primer. And I don’t have to get it too. My hubby uses this so am going use his now ( but let’s keep this secret btwn you & me only because if he finds out he is going to kill me seriously)

    Liked by 1 person

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