Aroma Essentials Mini Haul & Review

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Here I have come with some more Aroma essentials products. Those who don’t know about this brand let me give you guys a gist about it. Aroma Essentials brand is based from Bangalore and they are into Handmade, Chemical free products which consist only natural, herbal, botanical extracts and chemical free products. If you are looking chemical free products then you much check out their products.

I have picked up couple of products and I have been sent couple of products for review and suggestions. Take a look at the products and what I feel about them.

Tomato Facewash:

Face washes are the most favourite products of aroma essentials. I have tried green tea, orange splash, neem and now tomato. I really can’t judge which is best. I love all 4 of them. These 4 suit all skin types, tomato is new for me and it feels so fresh and cooling to the skin. I feel like using it all day. Smells amazing too, removes all the dirt, does not lather like other harsh soaps because it does not contain sulphur in it.

price: Rs: 95/175/350 for 30ml/60ml/120ml of product respectively.

Green Tea Face Wash:

Green tea face wash has a tingliing fresh sensation. You don’t feel like dabbing the water off the face, because you want that cooling refreshing effect on your skin to stay a little longer. It contains green tea, Geranium, Lavender and mint. Geranium helps in soothing the skin, reducing inflammation, and improves circulation. This was suggested by Madhurima for my mom but even I love using it when I am stressed out. It calms me down and relaxes.

Price: Rs: 85/150/300 for 30ml/60ml/120ml respectively


Wild Rose:

Melon & Litchi:


I have been sent 3 flavours of body sorbets, they are in gel to emulsion consistency. They blend in to the skin really very easily, Litchi & Melon is my favourite flavour of these 3 shades. All of them smell amazingly well, moisturises the skin pretty well for 10-12 hrs. SOrbets contain 80% aloe vera gel and 20% of shea butter so it is very light on skin and doesn’t make you feel heavy in the summer.Sorbets are best option for moisturising in summers because they give a cooling effect to the skin, moisturises and its not creamy consistency so they are very light on the skin. These suit pretty well for all skin types. People with extremely dry skin in summers also stick to body butters. My skin is combination in other seasons and oily in summer so all through out the year I prefer using body sorbets and they give enough hydration and moisture for my skin.

Price: Rs: 600/- for 125 grams of product

Sebum Control Gel: 


It is a gel which doesn’t have any color, its transparent. I have excess sebum secretions on ly on my nose in summer, my nose becomes all shiny because of oils. I have been using this gel just on my nose and no where else and it has controlled my oil secretions really good. I use it alternate day while going to bed and I am enjoying using this product. This contains BHA(Beta Hydroxy Acids), Tea Tree Oil and aloe vera.

Note: Do not use this product until and unless you have very oily skin, apply only on the area where you have excess sebum secretion. If you use it on normal or dry skin, it will dry your skin more and you can get excess oily skin/increase in melanin and you can notice darkness and discoloration.

Price: Rs:175/300 for 2ogms/35gms respectively


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2 thoughts on “Aroma Essentials Mini Haul & Review

  1. Thanks for review keerthy!!!
    I tried green tea face wash abd orange splash…loved orange tea dint suit made my skin darker and it was oily to me…this is just my review for my skin type


  2. Nice review Keerthi, I am a vegan person & love using natural products. So, it’s nice to know about this brand Aroma Essentials. Will definitely give a try. Thanks for sharing a detailed review on it though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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