BASIC SKIN CARE : CTM(All skin types)

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By the title of the post you all might have known about what I am going to share with you Angels..! This post is going to be long so lets just jump straight into the article.

ACNE: Many of you ask me queries regarding acne/pimples and I ask them to consult your doctor..! That’s because there can be several reasons for acne and all the acne break outs can’t be treated with products with are available in market which claim to stop acne. Acna can be caused due to hormonal imbalances/Pollution/Anxiety/Sleeplessness/Periodic cycle/ PCOS/Dandruff/Skin Irritation/Bugs/Pillows/Cell phones/Thyroid/Excess sebum secretion/Allergy/Food Habits/Chocolates/Sweets/Oily food/Junk food etc. So, in order to treat acne you have to find the root cause and that’s the reason I suggest you all to know the reason.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Acne Treatment Cream: Click Here


This product helps in reducing the acne marks and dark spots but not the future acne.

PIGMENTATION: Pigmentation is also classified into many types, but most of the teens get hyper-pigmentation i.e darkening of skin in particular area mostly on the exposed area. This is mostly due to exposure to sun, not using sunscreen, staying in sun for longer durations etc. This sun damage causes excess melanin cell production, melanin pigment is the reason for darkening of skin, this can be treated dermatologically. And another type of pigmentation is post pregnancy pigmentation, this occurs due to heredity/skin expansion/less elasticity of skin, this get reduced with time for few people and for few people it doesn’t reduce. If the pigmentation does not reduce then yo must visit a doctor and there are no 100% chances of clearing the darkness in this case.

Treatments of ACNE/PIGMENTATION: There are various types of treatments involved for these 2 problems like creams, serums, micro dermabarrasion, chemical peels, water based oxygen facials, lasers etc. The treatment depends on the intensity of the damage your skin has gone through. There is no gaurantee for any of the treatments or products that acne/pigmentation won’t appear back. They do give us counselling on how to take care of your skin and what products to use for future.

Product: Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution ( Click Here )


This product works for sun damamged hyperpigmentation and Acne blemishes and scars, I have used this product for pigmentation for 1 year and I have observed 70% positive results. Do not skip sun block when your using this product.


1. Dry Skin: The skin looks dull, flaky, minimal pores, minimal black/white heads, less elasticity of skin, fine lines and wrinkles can be seen more in dry skin people. Dry skin people usually don’t have secvere acne problems but if they do they must consult dermatologist.

2. Combination Skin: The T-zone is oily and the other parts of the face are dry to normal. They have black/white heads near nose/forhead/chin, elasticity is normal, less fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Oily Skin/Acne Prone skin: Oily skins can be acne prone, but not all oily skins. My skin is oily in summer but I don’t have any acne issues at all. Oily skin people don’t have fine line/wrinkles issue, they have black/white heads issues in T zone and side of the nose. Excessive you of oily skin products can result in more oil production so, one should use the products cautiously.

4. Normal Skin: Their skin is neither dry nor oily, it is normal and they have moderate pores & black/white heads, pH level of the skin is neutral. SKin elasticity is normal and they have a healthy skin, less irritable.

5. Sensitive skin: Their skin reacts for any new products which are strong, stay away from acidic products, they are allergic to strong scents in the skin care products.

CTM ( Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser ): This is one of the most important phase of the skin care which should not be neglected no matter what. You have to use a regular CTM regime twice a day with out fail. This helps in cleansing your skin, toning and moisturising your skin.



  • Cleansers/face washes are similar, they help in removing all the dirt form the skin, traces of makeup which you have already removed using makeup remover. You have cleanse your skin morning and night before you hit the bed, this helps in removing all the dirt that has been accuulated in the pores of your skin, if you don’t then the dirt clogs your pores, sebum also gets clogged, these both together cause break outs in the skin.
  1. Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser(all skin types): Click Here
  2. Sebamed clear face cleansing foam(combination to oily skin): Click Here
  3. Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam(Extremely oily skin): Click Here

  4. TBS Seaweed Cleansing facial wash( combination to Oily Skin): Click Here
  5. Vitamin e gentle facial wash(Dry to Normal Skin): Click Here
  6. Aroma Essentials Orange Splash face wash(Normal to Oily Skin)

** TBS = The body shop



  • Toners help as a second step of cleansing, remaining residues of dirt, makeup and most importantly they help in minimizing the pore size.
  • Our skin breathes through our pores so, there is no point of closing our pores but, we can minimize them so that more dirt is not accumulated and more sebun is not secreted and also in order to control break outs.
  • It helps in maintaining the pH balance to 5.5 neutral. Our skin tends to be on the acidic level because of pollution, soaps we use and other products we use on our skin and we neeed to maintain it to netral.
  • Tomers also give a refreshing feeling to the skin, avoid alcohol based toners, they dry out the skin and disturb the pH level.
  • Splashing water on your face for freshness quite often through out the day dries your skin out, instead sprtiz some toner it soaks in the nutrients into your skin as well as hydrates and refreshes your skin.
  1. La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water( All skin types): Click Here

  2. Kaya Revitalising Tonic ( Combination to oily skin): Click Here
  3. Vitamin C energyzing face spritz( Normal to Oily skin): Click Here
  4. Vitamin E face Mist ( all skin types): Click Here
  5. Avene Thermal Spring Water( All skin types): Click Here
  6. American Garden-Apple Cider Veniger( combination skin T zone and OIly skin): Mix water and ACV in equal portions and use it as a toner: Click Here


  • With all the cleansing and toning our skin gets dry or lose moisture, inorder thydrate your skin from with in a moisturiser is a must.
  • It soothes your skin with out making it dry and flaky, even if you have oily skin you have to moisturise or else your skin lacks moisture and in order to counter act that your skin produes more sebum. And your skin becomes more oily.
  • If you have oily skin you can go for gel based moisturisers.
  1. Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion (dry to Normal skin, sensitive skin): Click Here
  2. Aroma Essentials Shea moist( sensitive, normal to oily skin)
  3. Seaweed Day Cream (Combination to oily skin, sensitive): Click Here
  4. Vitamin e Moisture Lotion ( dry to Normal skin, sensitive ): Click Here
  5. Tea tree skin clearing Lotion( oily skin/acne prone skin): Click Here
  6. Bio Oil (All skin Types): Apply this in the night it has multiple properties: Click Here

SERUMS: Serums penetrate more deep into the skin then creams and emulsions. Serums are prescribed mostly for combination to oily skin because creams can clog the pores and give adverse effect, inorder to stop that serums are suggestable. There are various varieties of serums for various skin related issues. Serums work quicker than normal creams and emulsions because of smaller molecular cells, more concentration and deep penetration. There are serums depending on the skin requirements. Serums are used aftr using toner and before moisturiser. Apply serum wait for couple of minutes and then you can apply moisturiser.

  1. Olay Regenerist micro sculpting serum( Anti ageing for all skin types): Click Here
  2. O3+ Whithening serum (All skin types: It brightens your skin but doesn’t make you fair): Click Here
  3. O3+ Age lock vitamin C booster ( all skin types except sensitive, helps ageing skin and gives your skin a good glow): Click Here
  4. Lakme Youth infinity skin firming serum ( All skin types, for people 28+ age women for youthful skin): Click Here
  5. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate( All skin types, helps rejuvenating skin, soft, supple skin, healthy skin): Click Here

Note: Use serums in the night after cleansing , toning and before using moisturiser.



  • Black/White heads are a part of our lifestyle, we can not eliminate them from popping up, but we can control the intensity if we follow a CTM.
  • We need to scrub/exfoliate our skin once in a  week with out fail.
  • Combination skin: T zone twice a week, Oily skin: full face twice a week, Dry skin: once in 7-10 days.
  • If your skin is sensitive use cream based exfoliaters mildly, if your acne prone consult dermatologist before exfoliation.
  • Process: Dip a hand towel in hot water, squeeze out the water and place the towel on your face where there are black/white heads for about 2-5 mins, and then exfoliate your skin.
  1. TBS seaweed exfoliator ( combination to oily skin): Click Here
  2. TBS Vitamin C micro dermabarassion ( Normal to oily skin): Click Here
  3. TBS Vitamin E Cream Exofiator ( dry to normal, sensitive skin): Click Here
  4. Kaya Creamy exfoliating Rinse ( All skin types) : Click Here
  5. Loreal go 360 exfoliating scrub( normal to oily skin, sensitive): This is very mild it can be used daily also no issues: Click Here



  • Face masks serve different purposes like tightening skin, increasing elasticity, collagen production, skin firming,relaxing,hydrating, glowy skin, exfoliating mask etc.
  • use face masks as per your choice weekly once or twice.
  • If you want to extract black heads do not use that steel tool extracter at home by urself, isstead take a wet wipe wrap it around your finger and use your fingers to press out the black heads.
  1. Glam Glow Super clearing treatment mud mask( Combination to oily skin): This clears out all dirt from within the pores and unclogs all the pores. Its expensive but toally worth it, best mask in the world for me so far : Click Here
  2. Sephora sheet masks( They have a variant for all skin issues and types): Its available in sephora physical stores in India: Rs:350 per sheet mask
  3. Aroma Essentials Skin Brightening mask( Combination to oily skin): Keep this mask on your face for not more than 10 minutes at max.
  4. TBS Seaweed clay mask ( combination to Oily skin): Click Here
  5. InnisFree sheet masks( all skin types): Click Here
  6. TBS Vitamin E sink in mask( dry to normal, sensitive skin): Click Here
  7. TBS Drops of youth bouncy sleeping mask( all skin types): This is an amazing mask which you have to apply like a moisturiser and leave it over night, it makes your skin soft and supple and looks so healthy: Click Here

SUN BLOCKS: They help you protect your skin against the harsh sun and UV rays damage. Never skip a sun block even if your at home. Use a sun block of 30 SPF and reapply after 6 hours of application.

  1. Lotus Spf50 matte gel( Normal to oily skin): Click Here
  2. Neutrogena ultrasheer dry toch sun block( Normal to oily skin): Click Here
  3. Aroma Essentials Carrot sun block( Combination to oily skin)
  4. Aroma Essentials Calamine sun block( dry to Normal skin )
  5. Loreal Uv perfect Aqua Essence( dry to normal skin): Click Here
  6. La Roche Posay Anthelios( Normal to oily skin, sensitive, kids and adults): Click Here
  7. Nivea Sun Moisturising lotion(for swimmers, water resistent): Click Here

TAN REMOVAL: If you already have tanned your self and want to get rid of the tan use tan removals or home made tan removal scrubs.

Home made: 

  1. Olive oil+ Brown sugar scrub
  2. Curd+Brown sugar+Lemon
  3. Tomato + Sugar/ Dosa Batter+ sugar
  4. Potato grating+ Lemon


  1. Spinz sun tan remover cream( all skin types): Click Here
  2. Kojie San Soap: Click Here
  • Spinz cream apply a thick layer on face and body, leave it for 10-15 mins and then wash it off with cold water in a massaging motion. You can see 10-20% of tan removal in just one use.
  • This soap removes tan in 20-25 days really well, but it dries your skin so badly so moisturising daily is a must or your skin will look like a scaled skin. This soap is a little harsh so avoid using it on face.


Many of us have darkness around the mouth area, it can be tan/pigmentation/darkness due to toothpaste/dehydration etc. If its because of tan use tan removal creams, pigmentation consult dermatologist, tooth paste change it to ramdev or amway tooth paste, if its dehydration of skin you have to hydrate ur skin. Though your skin looks oil deep inside it might be lacking hydration and moisture so it tends to produce more melanin and turns that area dark, so see that every night before you hit the bed moisturise really well with out fail. the results will shoow up in maximum 1 month, if you don’t see any change consult dermatologist.

Darkness on the neck area: This occurs because of obesity or pigmentation. If its obesity no cream or any other product works, you have to lose your weight. If its because of pigmentation consult dermatologist for treatment. If its because of tan use tan removers.


Olay Total Effects Normal Day cream ( for 35+ women): My mom has been using it from past 2 years and she loves this product.

Buy Here: Click Here



Product: Forest Essentials Narangi and Nagkesar Facial Ubtan: Click Here


This can be used as face pack, face wash & scrub. I like to use it best as a face pack after it dries I scrub it on my face gently. I use it only when I am going out somewhere, party, on special occasions. It gives glow to the skin, and the glow stays put for 3-5 days.

Home made products:

  • Chickpea flour face pack
  • Cucumber/potato greated pack daily for 30 mins
  • Papaya facial
  • Lemon+ curd face mask
  • Aloe vera + tomato paste mask


  • No matter your exfoliating face or body defenitlely use a moisturiser and apply it through out the body. It soothes your skin from harsh scrubbing effect.
  • All aroma products details you can find in the contact details below
  • Do not over exfoliate your skin, do it gently
  • Do not steam your face, instead use a hot towel on your face for opening up the pores
  • Having pores is not a bad thing, that is how our skin breathes but we must take care of the pore size.
  • Toner is a must in the CTM to minimize pore size
  • If you want detailed review of any of these products please comment the product name and I would do a full fledged review
  • Scrub weekly 1-2 maximum, if you want to exfoliate daily be gentle and use mild exfoliator
  • Be it any season moistiriser is a must, do not skip moisturiser.


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