My Summer Skin Care & Hair Care Regime…

Hi Beautiful Ladies,…

It has been so long since I have posted a blog post, I have been busy in my personal life. So, kindly excuse me for that. My inbox has been flooded with messages asking me for my Summer skin care routine, so I have made this post to let u guys know whats my current skin care routine…:)

My Skin on my face is oily in Summers, the rest of the body is a Normal skin. My Scalp is also very greasy in summers. We can’t really do anything for controlling sebum secretions in our body, so we just have to deal with it. Especially for scalp, if u use oil control products, it dries your scalp and results in dandruff/itchy scalp/ dry scalp/ damaged scalp.



1. Cleanser: 


  • I have a very oily skin in summers, so I prefer cleansers which are gentle yet give me squeaky clean face with out any oily residue.
  • This does not dry out your skin
  • Keeps pH balance of the skin Neutral.
  • Does not irritate your skin
  • No side effects

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2. Toner:


  • This cleans the extra gunk from your skin, helps in closing the pores, that doesn’t mean closing pores completely but it does not leave pores open to let all the bacteria and dust to settle into your pores and block your pores.
  • If you have sensitive skin , this might sting you a little.
  • cleans your skin one step more
  • I just use a cotton roundel, dab the product in to it and run that across my face gently.

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3. Serums:


I use 2 serums for my skin care:

A. Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution: I have used this serum previously as well, this is an amazing miracle product. I haven’t seen anyone who is not satisfied with the results of this serum.

It helps in lightiening the pigmentation and also to lighten post acne scars, and I guanrantee abiut it.

Usage: Just take 3-4 drops of the product on to your fingers and dab it onto your skin, don’t rub or massage it , just dab it. Follow this twice a day for atleast 2 months to see positive results.

This bottle comes a long way because you just need a very little amount. I have picked all my kiehl’s products from Kiehl’s Store in Delhi. They are now available online too on

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B. Kiehls Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate: This was a new launch in India, I have been getting quite some bumpy skin/textured skin, when i have conculted their skin specialist in Kiehl’s store, she had suggested this product to me.

She asked me to use it for a month every night, 3-4 drops onto my fingers and dab it onto my skin. I have been using it from 3 weeks and I have seen difference in my skin texture within a week and my skin is getting better day by day…

I’ll use it for few more weeks and post detailed review of this product, but this is totally worth it.

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4. Sun Screen:


  •  Skin becomes sensitive when your using strong serums which are repairing your skin., So you should never skip a sunscreen.
  • Lotus Sun screen is one of my favourite sunscreen, it gives matte finish , does not reflect any white cast on the face.
  • Does not make your skin oily

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5. Face Scrub:


  • The body shop scrubs are my favorite scrubs so far, they do not break you out, they are not harsh on sensitive skins as well.
  • This vit C scrub suits all skin types, it is a cream based exfoliant, the granules are so minute and they don’t hurt your sensitive skin.
  • I use it 2-3 times a week. It hydrates your skin too along with removing dead skin.

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6. Face Mask:

This mask is sooo goood…<3 ❤ <3… Cleanses your skin, removes tan, can be used for face and entire body, I mix a little milk to it, apply it to my face, arms & legs, let it dry and I scrub it off. And then I take a shower.

All the details of the Buyer ( AROMA ESSENTIALS ) is in the end of the post. Do check out theor various products, all their products and chemical free. 100% natural products.


1. Body Scrub: 

This another favorite product of mine in thier BHA range from Aroma Essentials, best exfoliator, it removes dead skin and makes skin soft and supple, it does not dry out your skin, the brown sugar scrubulents helps in exfoliating the skin and hence preventing in grown hair…


2. Body Wash:



  • The body shop body washes are so nice, they help you removing all the dirt, feels fresh and give a faint smell for couple of hours…
  • Your entire wash room smells of the spiced apples…
  • This was a chritmas limited edition launch
  • there are most permanent collection body washes too
  • My favorite are shea better, satsuma, british rose, pinita colada..

Buy It From:



3. Body Butter/Sorbet:



  • My skin is pretty oily in summer, but it does lack some moisture. I don’t like using body creams or body butters in summer. I prefer body sorbets…
  • They are cooling, icy and refreshing. I keep mine in the refridgerator and use it.
  • This is my favorite variant, it smells of pineapple & coconuts…. Smell lingers on the body for longer time.
  • Gives exact moisture for my oily stickt skin in summer.

Buy it from:




1. Shampoo:



  • I don’t like to use same shampoo for longer duration, I keep changing so that my hair and scalp doesn’t get used to that product and become resistant.
  • My current shampoo is Loreal Paris Anti Hair fall shampoo, I don’t have any hairfall, but i still like using it…
  • It does not dry out my scalp, cleans my scalp pretty well.
  • I have oily scalp, it gets oily the 2nd day after shampoo, I wash my hair alternate days.
  • I just use 1 pump of the shampoo diluted with water, on damp hair.

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2. Conditioner: 



  • Similar to shampoo, i regularly change my conditioner too, I use conditioner evrytime I shampoo my hair.
  • I do not apply any conditioner to my scalp, I just apply from middle to the ends of my hair, leave it for 5 mins and then rinse off.
  • I do not have any split ends, I cut my hair every 6 months.

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3. Hair Oil:



  • This is Nyassa Argon Oil, sorry for the packaging, I have traveled with it so much that, it ended up like this.
  • Argon oil is also called liquid gold, it is a magical elixir for your hair, helps in new growth, stops hairfall, nourishes your hair, strengthens your roots, hydrates your dry ends.
  • This oil is cold pressed and has all goodness stored in the oil.
  • I apply it to my roots, scalp, ends and for rest of the hair i use coconut oil.
  • I apply oil to my hair atleast thrice a week.

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4. Hair Mask: 

Hair Masks are my thing, I can not live with out apply a hair mask. And this is my all time favorite recipe of hair mask.

I add small cut pieces of coconut and avocado pump to my slow juicer and I apply that mixture to my entire hair the night before and wash it off next day.

You can apply even for an hour, it nourishes your hair, make your hair so shiny and nourished. Definitely do try out this DIY… ❤

I apply this mask once in 7-10 days…!

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